My name is Manousos and i am a waiter with long working experience in the restaurant business.

I have worked as a waiter in Denmark, Sweden and Greece.

I have worked with different styles,from classic Danish, Italian and Greek menu, a la carte, to tapas, great companions, clubs and hotel restaurants.

I have also worked as Chief of the staff and service manager, helped restaurant development and efficiency,by improving service and communication.

In addition to practical experience, I have read gastronomy, enology,restaurant management and public relations in a 6 months long course in Athens.

As a result of my studies on drama in Athens I know how to create a positive atmosphere and make the guests happy,in combination with really good service.

I am fluent in English,Danish and Swedish, understand and communicate very well in Norwegian and Italian, can speak some Spanish,German and Finnish and ofcourse Greek which is my native languange .

A small introduction

Early in my teenage i started working in structural employment. But befor long i realized that didnt match my dreams. A bit later i followed the way to Athens where i studied in School of Dramatic Art and worked in the theater for almost seven years. Following the way back to Kreta i met what i really wanted: Food and Wine. After some years in the restaurant business i was back to the way to Athens again. My target was a private course which was going to be 6 months long:
  • Enology (The wine knowledge)
  • Gastronomy (France cuisine)
  • Public relations
  • Restaurant management
For years i have been active in restaurants renovation from the place of restaurant leader and i worked for the service effectiveness and the communication between stuff and guest also between stuff it self. I moved in Sweden November 2005. I studied Swedish in the open university in Malmö. I worked in Malmö in the beginning and then in Copenhagen.At 2013 i moved to copenhagen where i still live and work...


  • Many years of experience in Greece,Sweeden and Denmark
  • Not fear for the challengeses
  • Totaly control over the situation
  • Positive reaction against the stress (When i am in stress i smile)
  • Very easy to cooperate even to stressing environments
  • Super happy,positive and social colleague
  • Strong and stable
  • Loyal and honest
  • Multilingual


  • English: Fluent
  • Swedish:Fluent
  • Danish:Fluent
  • Norwegian:Good
  • Italian:Good
  • Spanish:Lower/Intermediate
  • German:Lower/Intermediate
  • Finnish:Lower/Intermediate
  • Greek:Mother languange

Working expierience

  • 2017-2018:Waiter in restaurant Trattoria Nuova Italia (Copenhagen)
  • 2016:Restaurant Chef and head waiter in restaurant Kri-Kri (Stalos Crete)
  • 2015:Co-owner in restaurant The Stones (Platanias)
  • 2013-2014:Waiter in restaurant Cortigiano (Copenhagen), Waiter in restaurant Adama (Platanias Crete)
  • 2013:Waiter in restaurant Nuova Italia (Copenhagen)
  • 2012:Waiter in restaurant Rimini (Copenhagen)
  • 2011:Waiter in restaurant Adama (Platanias Crete)
  • 2010:Waiter in restaurant Rimini (Copenhagen)
  • 2009:Restaurant Chef and head waiter in restaurant Kri-Kri (Stalos Crete)
  • 2008:Waiter in restaurant Perlen/Den Skaldede Kok in Tivoli (Copenhagen)
  • 2007:Waiter in restaurant Italiano (Copenhagen ) and Waiter in restaurant Rimini (Copenhagen)
  • 2006:Bartender in Cuba cafe and Waiter in restaurant Mosaik (Malmo)
  • 2004-2005:Restaurant Chef and head waiter in restaurant Kri-Kri (Stalos Crete)
  • 2003:Restaurant Chef and head waiter in restaurant Posidonio (Platanias Crete)
  • 1998-2002:Assistant Restaurant Chef and head waiter in Banquet Club Honoloulou (Chania Crete)
  • 1994-1998:Waiter in the restaurants Rosalia,Vergina and the Club Ecali (Athens)
  • 1994:Waiter in Banquet Club Zamania (Chania Crete)
  • 1992-1993:Waiter in Damnoni bay hotel (Rethymnon Crete)
  • 1991: Waiter in Sirios Village hotel (Daratsos Crete)